WhaleOil is the blog of Cameron Slater, New Zealand’s most read and most feared political commentator and former editor of The Truth weekly newspaper.

Cameron has extensive experience from the centre-right perspective as a political commentator, interviewer and radio host for the likes of Newstalk ZB, Radio Live, Radio Rhema and TV3’s The Nation.

The WhaleOil blog rates as #1 on independently compiled blog rankings, a position held since 2011 with over 2 million page views a month, offering massive exposure for advertisers and influence.

Most centre-right commentators feel they have to be middle-of-the-road and boring but Cameron provides a unique and explosive perspective from the right of New Zealand politics and has an encyclopaedic knowledge of issues resulting from being born into a staunch political family. He has built trusted relationships in media, politics as well as small and large business.

With phrases such as “explaining is losing” and “never hug a corpse, it smells and you end up smelling like a corpse too”, Cameron’s hard-hitting and entertaining style will have you rolling in your seat as much as it will make you think about your business communication strategies and why you could be wasting your PR spend.

Many people claim to be “social media experts” and give costly and pretentious advice on social media and dealing with the mainstream media. Cameron, however, has walked the talk and is an expert.

Since 2005 Cameron has developed his blog and blogging style to produce effective social media strategies. He has advised many politicians and corporates on the use of Twitter, Blogs and Facebook.

When not blogging, Cameron will be hard to find as he is offline shooting ducks, deer and other assorted vermin.


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